when the tide is low        

A little girl and her mother talk about all the things they will do at the beach, when the tide is low.

“A little girl wants to go to the beach, but the tide is too high. ‘When the tide is low, we will go,’ says her mother. Waiting for that to happen is the occasion for questions which lead to an easygoing discourse on what tides are and what kinds of marine life can be seen when they’re low…. The combination of story and science is seamless, and the tangibly close mother-daughter relationship makes the book especially nice for sharing one on one. Careful watercolor paintings in muted seashore colors seem especially right for the text. An illustrated glossary has been thoughtfully included. Here, species names in the text are pictured and described in sufficient --detail that adult readers may more readily handle youngsters’ queries.”

“An excellent resource to use in getting children ready for a trip to the beach.”
--Science and Children